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  • Oyasumi Sex 02


    Shou and his little sister Yui lives in a divorced family now only supported by their mother. With his straightforward resolve, Shou now takes care of Yui in place of his father. Then, one morning, Shou is told by Yui that she was confessed to by another boy. He felt shaken, after having heard this previously hidden side of Yui's life. In his mind, Yui has always been the crybaby, spoiled, innocent girl. He thought that he would take care of this Yui for his entire life. Despite understanding that one day, Yui would grow, become independent, and leave by his side. Now that reality was revealed by Yui's words, Shou's heart began to feel pain. That night, while holding these feelings of anxiety, Shou entered Yui's room. As she was soundly asleep, he started to stretch out his hand...

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